We are but humble geniuses, and our passion for educating the ignorant masses knows no bounds.  Unfortunately, all of this education comes at a great cost.  Books, travel expenses, research van maintenance, and food for my many children: cash rules everything around us.  Sending our sweet, sweet voices over the internet radiowaves costs money, which is something that is increasingly hard to find these days.  While our sponsors (the gravel industry and the international cookie consortium, among others) pay us handsomely, most of that money is spent paying for a variety of hypothetical legal fees related to our hypothetical heisting adventures.  If you want your favorite podcasters to languish pathetically in poverty, then by all means, continue giving us nothing but adulation and love in return for our hard work.  It’s fine.  Really. However, if you want to keep the top-quality content you’ve come to know and love comin’ at ya, then a mere five or six hundred dollar, monthly donation would do a world of good.

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